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About Tracy

NRH Council Focus

Why tracy


Tracy Bennett


tHE KEY TO EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP IS BALANCE and recognizing the diversity in our community. tracy is a leader who possesses THE skills required to balance competing interests and maintain good working relationships.

NRH Council Focus


  • representation
  • Property rights

Plan of action - first 180 days

  • identify proactive revenue generation strategies to replace potential future loss of property tax revenue
  • create actionable plan to improve survey results
  • create additional incentives to attract quality Businesses that residents desire
  • expand income generating services to draw revenue from neighboring communities
  • attract & retain qualified law enforcement officers and firefighters with innovative compensation plans



Bridging the gap between Residents and Elected Officials

  • Prioritize community needs over political agendas. City Council is in place to serve the residents.
  • Become the voice for the silent or overlooked, especially the elderly & disabled.
  • Engage the community in effective communication methods to reach more of the population.


Acting responsibly with decisions and public funds.

  • Operate efficiently and in the best interest of public .
  • Conduct detailed budget review utilizing salary studies and best practices.
  • Being accessible to public.
  • Staying educated on current issues


Property Rights

Protecting owners’ rights to quiet enjoyment of property.

  • Review current ordinance for any inconsistencies in administration across NRH.
  • Determine any areas of resident dissatisfaction to develop a plan to address those concerns.
  • Review areas that planning & zoning are inconsistent with actual property use.

Why Vote Tracy?

How is She Different?

Tracy is NOT a politician nor does she have ties to any current elected officials or other candidates so she is completely independent in her views and would not have pressure to be a “YES” woman. She does not have financial constituents to influence her voting. She has a genuine concern for the city she has lived in for over 14 years. She has not hired a marketing company, political advisor, and to date is her own campaign manager. All content and ideas presented are her own.

Over the years, Tracy has taken numerous assessments to identify her strengths which have frequently shown an emphasis on analytics, empathy, and desire to help others. Her DISC assessment results are consistent with the visionary type of leader. She enjoys asking questions to learn and having discussions to identify the best possible solutions.

Her professional experience as an employee and small business owner make Tracy one of the most well rounded candidates for City Council. From blue collar work to white collar work, Tracy has experienced life at various levels on the socio-economic scale. She can relate to anyone whether it be the single mom struggling to make ends meet to the multi-million dollar commercial developer. She is empathic and always looking to help others every opportunity she is able. Friends and business partners describe Tracy as “REAL”. She values honesty and integrity above all.

As a professional, credentialed Associate Actuary, her daily work involves data analysis, financial projections, and modeling employee benefit medical designs for self-funded clients. Tracy has extensive client facing projects that deal with complex situations that require a balance of meeting the needs of various competing interests in organizations. One of her large clients is a local municipality water district. She is also a licensed Texas General Lines Agent.

Her experience is unlike any of the other candidates. Not only is she responsible for financial projections to help clients with their annual budgets in her daily profession, but she is also a licensed Realtor. Tracy worked for a local property tax dispute company to assist homeowners in their Tarrant County Appraisal Property Tax Disputes. She is very familiar with the process and understands how the current dispute process is stacked against the average homeowner.

From 2005-2007, Tracy worked in the banking industry as a Licensed Personal Financial Representative holding her Series 7 and Series 63 securities licenses for part of that time. She also works in Construction Project Management for Single Family Remodels for investors and homeowners. She has renovated over 50 houses from 2016 - 2024 and has built two new construction homes.

From 2013-2016, Tracy served as the HOA president at Liberty Village in NRH. Tracy was responsible for the start of the HOA, setting up the first election for HOA officers, scheduling meetings and opening the initial bank account.

About Tracy

Tracy, a mother of six, has been a resident of NRH for over 14 years.

  • Three of her children graduated from Birdville High School in 2017 (twins) and 2019, while two are currently attending Fort Worth Christian.

  • She believes every parent should have the right to educate their children in the manner they see fit for their children’s educational needs.

  • She has coached softball at NRGSL and cheer at RYA at various times throughout her residency. Her passion to encourage and mentor our youth has been evidenced by her commitment to various activities in both the church and schools.

  • She served as a Pastoral Assistant at Message Church and is currently an active member of Milestone Church, engaging in community programs such as adopting a senior program during Christmas most recently.

  • Tracy's dedication to enhancing residents' quality of life is driven by her belief in equality and unity. She aims to bridge divides caused by politics, religion, race, culture, and financial disparities if elected to City Council.

  • Tracy supports the US Constitution. She believes in limited government, the right to bear arms and freedom of speech. She believes God gives us ALL free will and that as long as that free will does not endanger another life, encroach on another’s freedom or break criminal laws then ultimately God is the final judge.


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Please reach out directly to contact Tracy Bennett

Cell: 817-301-8836



Pol. Ad. paid for by Tracy Bennett for NRH City Council